Review: ‘Blended’

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to imagine that Adam Sandler was once considered, by some at least, to be… well… funny. The former Saturday Night Live funnyman burst onto the big screen with cult hit comedies Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, but over the years, Sandler has refused to abandon his man-child onscreen persona and churned out critically reviled releases like Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy and the Grown Ups films. With his fanbase seemingly diminishing, it was no surprise that Blended turns to Sandler’s two-time co-star Drew Barrymore for a much-needed boost.

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Review: ’22 Jump Street’

To the untrained eye, 22 Jump Street is an action comedy about two undercover cops (brought to manic life by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum) who get into all kinds of hilarious shenanigans during their latest. However, while the film features a number of laugh-out-loud moments and a handful of memorable action set pieces, it’s really the biggest, broadest bromance since 2009 comedy I Love You Man. Continue reading Review: ’22 Jump Street’

Review: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

It would be easy to write off Edge of Tomorrow as just another sci-fi action flick from the couch-hopping Scientologist that the tabloids love to hate. After all, Tom Cruise last starred in the similarly post-apocalyptic Oblivion, and if there’s one thing audiences love more than a crowdpleaser, it’s talking crap about celebrities. However, moviegoers who let themselves get caught up in those trivial concerns are truly doing themselves a disservice, as Edge of Tomorrow defies expectations to become the latest in a long string of solid adventure films led by Cruise. Continue reading Review: ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

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