VIDEO: 2016 Oscar Nominees Reaction

Our latest video tackles the just-announced nominations for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Watch as Rob cheers on his favorite films of 2015 and shares his immediate reaction to the latest crop of Oscar contenders. Keep an eye out for more videos in the near future, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Crooked Table YouTube channel for all the latest from! Continue reading VIDEO: 2016 Oscar Nominees Reaction

Review: ‘Creed’

Nearly 40 years have passed since boxing drama Rocky became a phenomenon. The John G. Avildsen-directed film became the biggest box office hit of 1976 and went on to claim the Best Picture Oscar. However, after a string of sequels, it appeared that star Sylvester Stallone had put his final stamp on the franchise with 2006 release Rocky Balboa. Of course, that was until filmmaker Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) stepped up to resurrect the franchise with Creed.

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