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'Run All Night'

Review: ‘Run All Night’

Aging badasses are nothing new. After all, the late Charles Bronson was already in his 50s when he made the first Death Wish, let alone its four sequels. Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables has spawned an entire franchise around the idea of greying men with guns. So the idea of an actor as accomplished as Liam Neeson brandishing a weapon isn’t exactly as novel as it seems. Still, the actor has appeared in one film after another since showing off his “particular set of skills” in 2008 thriller Taken. So is Neeson’s latest shoot-em-up Run All Night just more of the same?

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Review: ‘Cinderella’

For decades, Disney has established itself as a haven for family entertainment, but more specifically, the studio has become synonymous with fairy tales. To that end, few of these “happily ever after” fables is as well-known or beloved as Cinderella, brought famously to life by Walt Disney and his team way back in 1950. The film, in fact, remains an integral Disney princess, and her palace still stands as the central landmark of Disney’s Magic Kingdom as well as the logo for the Disney brand itself. So, that being said, does the world really need another take on this age-old story, especially from the studio that most famously brought it to the big screen decades ago?

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Review: ‘Focus’

Films about con men are notoriously difficult to pull off. With just the right tone, cast and script, the results can be exhilarating and fresh (Ocean’s Eleven, for instance). But without the perfect elements in place, moviegoers can feel like they’re the ones being swindled. Focus – the latest  vehicle for rapper-turned-TV-actor-turned-biggest-movie-star-on-the-planet Will Smith – toes that line for much of its 105-minute runtime, but ultimately, the film winds up being fun and enticing enough to win over its audience.

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'Jupiter Ascending'

Review: ‘Jupiter Ascending’

Attention Star Wars fans! Those of you who have an affinity for the Skywalker adventures in a galaxy far, far away finally have a gateway into the minds of people who just think the George Lucas-created franchise is a bunch of sci-fi gobbledygook and flashy but soulless special effects. Because, without a doubt, Jupiter Ascending must be what they see when they look at The Empire Strikes Back.

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