Crooked Table Podcast: Episode 2 – From ‘Tusk’ Till Dawn

Summer 2014 has come and gone, and so Episode 2 of the Crooked Table Podcast sees Robert Yaniz Jr. and Freddy Yaniz review some of the most exciting and disappointing films of the summer. Also, our dynamic duo discusses Kevin Smith’s new film Tusk and answers that immortal question: “is man truly a walrus at heart?” (Wait… what?!?)

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Review: ‘Tusk’

Way back in the 1990s (yes, a millennium ago, kids), writer/director Kevin Smith made his name with pop culture-laced foul-mouthed comedies centering largely on crude sexual and scatalogical humor and a couple stoners known only as Jay and Silent Bob. However, Smith ultimately quit the movie business following his underrated 2011 indie horror film Red State, choosing instead to focus largely on his Smodcast podcast empire and other creative endeavors. Three years later, the auteur behind modern classics like Clerks and Dogma has emerged from self-proclaimed retirement with Tusk, and the result couldn’t be stranger. Continue reading Review: ‘Tusk’

Review: ‘The One I Love”

A married couple is facing a crisis in their relationship, and following their therapist’s advice, they head to a secluded getaway in the hopes of recapturing their love. Sound familiar? That’s the basic premise of director Charlie McDowell’s The One I Love, but the film is much more than just what that fairly prosaic description implies. However, to spoil any more here would ruin the fun, especially considering how well the film’s marketing campaign has kept a degree of secrecy around its plot. Continue reading Review: ‘The One I Love”