Review: ‘The Wolverine’

Hardcore comic book fans and casual moviegoers alike need to know one thing about The Wolverine right from the outset: the film is a hell of a lot better than the cinematic travesty that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

That 2009 release – which told the story of how Logan (Hugh Jackman) lost his memory and gained an adamantium-laced skeleton (complete with six bitchin’ razor-sharp claws) – is renowned for being the nadir of the X-Men franchise, rivaled only by Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand. Unlike either of those films, The Wolverine manages to tell a cohesive, mostly satisfying tale that sees its lead character confront his emotional demons and emerge a more fully realized, better-developed and more beloved character because of it. In short, something Ratner could only dream of achieving onscreen. Continue reading Review: ‘The Wolverine’

5 Filmmakers I Will Follow Anywhere

What separates hardcore film aficionados from casual moviegoers, in my humble opinion, is the way they view the world of movies. Casual moviegoers are simply looking for a couple hours of escapist entertainment on a Friday night, but for film fanatics like myself, visiting the local theater is serious business.

Over the years, we develop and refine our tastes in film, ultimately discovering a bit of ourselves in the movies (and filmmakers) we feel most drawn to. In my case, 5 filmmakers in particular have played a significant role in helping me define my interest in film throughout the past decade. They’re my own personal “Usual Suspects” and perhaps the 5 men in film whose careers I follow with the most relish. Continue reading 5 Filmmakers I Will Follow Anywhere